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Heard, Understood, Trusted, & Remembered
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Does it work?

Great stories are
Well-built stories

You don't have to be Hemingway to tell impactful stories.
I'll teach you the structure and habits you need to tell great stories at work, at home, and with your friends.

You've read the books
...but do you get this reaction?
You can. I'll help.

What will I learn?

Where to find stories to tell
The structure that works for real-life stories
How to capture attention & turn it into interest
How to use dopamine & oxytocin
How to end with impact & action
How to craft a humorous story

Meet your guide!

Dan ManningChief Story Architect

Dan learned to tell compelling stories as a fighter pilot, speechwriter, and diplomat where storytelling became the skill that unlocked opportunities.
But, it all changed when he created a system to build impactful stories. He's used his system to build 100's of stories impacting thousands of people and businesses.
Now he primarily works with entrepreneurs, Founders, coaches, and executives to cut through their own noise and build stories that connect with investors, customers, and employees.

How does it work?

When you sign-up, you get instant access to all the lessonsEach lesson + assignment should take you ~30 minutesPost your assignment into the communityGet feedback. Improve. Build Confidence.When you're ready, pause your subscription until you need it again.

Questions People Ask

Can my company pay all at once instead of monthly?
Yes! I'll send you an invoice.
Credit card processing isn't easy where I live. Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes! I'll send you a PayPal Invoice
Where would I use a story?
Storybuilders use them in pitches, job interviews, LinkedIn...everywhere they need to be heard, understood, trusted, & remembered
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes! If you do the work, and don't think it was worth what you paid (unthinkable!) I'll refund you.

How much is
Being Heard, Understood, Trusted, & Remembered worth to you?

$35 per month to build stories that change everything.

No, Thanks...just take me to the Free Resources, please

Still have questions?
Email me at: Dan @
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